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Engines of Sorcery is an on-line fantasy sci-fi game, set in a world named Udalith where a originally magic based world made technological advances in an age called the Age of Progression. Before this age began, the dark sorcerer Seluth was locked away using a powerful machine, that captured his essence. However after 200 years, the machine has began to fail, and Seluth, still trapped in the machine, has began to re-group his forces. Now, a heroes from the races of Men, Elves, Dwarfs, and all of the races of Udalith. 

Story LineEdit

During the Shadowed Age, a number of dark forces fought amongst themselves over the land of Udalith, while the kingdoms of Men, Elves and Dwarfs tried to keep their people safe. However, in secret the Kingdoms of the Lions, the High Elves, and the Dwarf Smiths of Kaz-Bal came together to build a great machine, designed and built by the Dwarfs and enchanted by the Elves. Called the Engine of Sorcery, it was designed to trap the essence of a magic being.

Eventually the sorcerer Seluth bested the other dark powers, losing most of his strength however. He returned to his Dark Citadel to regain his power, to prepare

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