Super Yog Brawl is a platform fighting games, where the characters are Yogscast members, and the maps are centered around the Yogscast.


Each character has three attacks: melee, ranged, and a Yogtastic attack. To do a Yogtastic Attack, you need you Yog Points, which you get from damaging other players. Once the bar is full, you can use the Yogtastic Attack. Each attack is different to all characters.


  • Xephos
    • Melee Attack: Punch (fast)
    • Ranged Attack: Phaser (fast, far range)
    • Yogtastic Attack: Photon Torpedo (one target, play). Xephos is beamed up to the Enterprise, where he targets a enemy. A Photon Torpedo is launched at them, and it does damage to the surrounding platforms.
  • Honeydew
    • Melee Attack: Pickaxe (slow)
    • Ranged Attack: Tnt Lob (short range, explosive)
    • Yogtastic Attack: Diggy Diggy Hole (platform remove, stop). Honeydew slams his pick into the floor, reamoving the platforms under enemy that they fall through.

Diffrent types of attacks:

  • Melee
    • Fast: quick, low damage attack
    • Slow, slow, high damage attack
  • Ranged
    • Fast: fast moving projectile
    • Far range: far going projectile
    • Short range: projectile does not go very far
    • Explosive: does damage to surrounding platfroms
    • Melee Attack:
    • Ranged Attack:
    • Yogtastic Attack:

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