War of Gods is a turn based game, centered around a God's quest to gain more followers, land and power. The game take place in a Ancient Greek style era, on a hexagon tile map. The point to the game is to level up your god, get more followers, crush other gods or form Pantheon with them to increase your worship.


When you start off, you choose what kind of god you want to be (list is below). You begin with one temple, twenty followers and one priest. To begin with, you need to get more followers. Make evangelists and send them to nearby settlements to convince people to join your religion. Stay away from settlements with their own gods, as people might attack your evangelist. Only prophets can go into theses settlements and convert, but that is for later on.

The main point to the game is to get Faith points. Each normal follower gives you 5 base Faith points each turn, and more can be collected by making statues, works of art, and other monuments. Followers give more faith when near priests, and much more when in temples. Some gods have Faith tiles, where if you have a temple more Faith will be generated. If your followers are not happy, you will get less Faith Points, and you might lose followers.

Types of GodsEdit

  • Sky God
    • Attributes
      • Faith Zone: On hill tile +2 Faith, on mountain tile + 4.

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